portal 2 companion cube lunch box

The cute looking Portal 2 weighted companion cube from the game is now a lunch box, and you can use it to store food.

Unlike from the game, this companion cube lunch box serves a purpose for storing your lunch. When it’s packed you can still use it as a temporary paper weight though. Fortunately there is no need to burned and destroyed it after it has been used so you can use it over and over again.

A cool-looking lunch box that will surely appeal to a fan of the Portal series.

The Portal 2 weighted companion cube lunch box retails from $22.90 from Amazon.

Another nice piece to go along with the lunch box is this Portal 2-themed companion cube cookie jar. Unlike the tin lunch box which is smooth on all its sides, the companion cookie jar is made of ceramic and comes with detailed outer features just like the one from the game. Perfect not only for storing food but also as a nice decoration sitting by itself on a table or desk.

portal 2 companion cube cookie jar

The Portal 2 companion cube cookie jar goes for $34.69 from Amazon.