pouch book 1

There are many ways to store stuff around the house, and here’s one you’ll probably never expect. What if you could store stuff that aren’t books on a bookshelf without having them look out of place?

pouch book 2

pouch book 3

The pouch book is simply, a pouch with a look that comes in the general shape of a hardcover book. By having this pouch in this shape, it will allow you to store anything within the pouch and store them in a disguised form right on a bookshelf, where supposedly only books should be seen.

Stuff like stationery, cosmetics, gadgets and accessories can be kept simply in the pouch and then slotted into the hardcover case.

The best thing of all is that a pouch can be used for outdoors as well. When the pouch is needed for a trip, take it out just like any other pouch. The magic happens when you come home, all you need to do is to slip it back into its hardcover case and cleverly hide it amongst a bunch of books on the empty or half-filled bookshelf or rack.

A clever idea for a pouch that gives a simple and alternative storage solution.

The pouch book comes in 5 colors, blue, green, red, white, yellow, and retails for $16 from Molla Space.