power nap file office pillow 1

Sleeping in the office usually means one is loafing on the job, but sometimes a power nap at the right time can make a whole lot of difference in productivity.

power nap file office pillow 2

Here’s one pillow that can be brought into an office for power naps without looking out of place.

This pillow is one that is made to look like a common item in an office – a black ring binder file. With this available, one will be able to take stealth naps without even trying, as the pillow can be made to be hidden among a row of black files when not in use. Definitely something helpful for those who always feel sleepy the entire day.

One pillow that will be suitable for those who spend too much time in front of the TV at night.

The Power Nap office pillow retails for $28 from Fancy.