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Battery power can somehow be compared to water, as when there’s no battery power in our smartphones, they die.

power tap usb wall charger 2

power tap usb wall charger 3

Here’s one USB charger that is made to look like a water tap. Obviously, it isn’t made for delivering water, but is a USB wall charger for charging USB gadgets like smartphones.

Just like a water tap, this USB charger can be turned on and off, however you won’t be able to control the rate of flow or electricity like tap water.

When you connect a USB cable and a USB-powered gadget at the other end the Power Tap will be able to charge it up, giving them the all-important battery power needed to keep them running on the go.

An interesting-looking USB wall charger that is functional and looks cool.

The Power Tap USB charger retails for $14.99 from ThinkGeek.