power up battery travel mug

Need a quick recharge while on the go? Humans don’t recharge the way electronic devices do, with batteries, but here’s one battery that can fill you with with liquid on the move.

This is a travel mug called the Power Up Battery travel mug. The mug allows you to carry in it your favorite sports drink or for caffeine lovers, some tea or coffee that will keep you awake throughout the day. Obviously the interesting look the mug comes in is the main feature, for it comes in the shape of a giant battery.

When you carry these oversized battery around, whenever you take a look at it you’ll remember to fill up on your bodily fluids, especially when you’re participating in outdoor activities like cycling.

A cool travel mug that comes in a unique-looking design.

The Power Up Battery travel mug retails for $12.99 from Perpetual Kid.