powercurl mini usb charger attachment 1

Here’s a handy and portable cord organizing attachment for the mini 5W USB charger for the iPhone.

powercurl mini usb charger attachment 2

powercurl-mini-usb-charger-attachment 3

This handy attachment is a cord winder with a silicone flap. It comes with a hole for the mini USB adaptor to be inserted into. Once it has been inserted into the attachment, it doesn’t need to be taken out again.

When a USB cable is connected, excess cable can be wound around the Powercurl Mini. The flap can then be flipped down to hide the wound cable to keep it in place.

When it comes to plugging into a power outlet, the attachment does not need to be removed it it doesn’t block other plugs on the power outlet, therefore keeping the wire together with the charger all the time since both are needed for charging every time. The cable can then be unwound to just the right amount to charge the iPhone, without leaving a mess of cables hanging around the charging area.

When everything is done, wind the cord back into the attachment, return the flap back into place and it’ll be ready for storage or for carrying around in a bag.

A useful attachment that makes combing the charging adaptor and cable into a single charging smartphone charging solution.

The Powercurl Mini retails for $9.99 from Quirky.