door-in-one golf game doorstop 1

Here’s a multipurpose doorstop, the Door-In-One golf game that not only prevents the door from slamming but also lets you perfect your putting skills.

door-in-one golf game doorstop 2

On the front side is a door wedge like a typical door stopper while on the back is a tiny spot that fits the width of a golf ball. While the door is shut and the door stopper not in use, place the door-in-one behind the door and you get a nice place to practice your putt.

Place a carpet along the ball’s path to simulate the putting green and you get a something nice to play with while being able to justify it as an excuse for a doorstop.

The door-in-one golf game doorstop comes with one standard golf ball and retails for $15 from FredFlare.