pressy android earphone jack physical button 1

Some newer Android phones today are designed without physical buttons these days in order to make it look sleek, however it can be quite a hassle to activate functions quickly without having to unlock the screen lock first.

pressy android earphone jack physical button 2

pressy android earphone jack physical button 3

Here’s a simple attachment made for Android phones. Called ‘Pressy’, it’s a button that is located on the top of a earphone plug. By inserting it into the earphone jack of the phone, it turns to a button that can be used to activate different functions like making a call, snapping a phone or making a sound recording easily and quickly.

Various functions or apps can be configured to work with the button via a companion app loaded to the Android phone. Using different combinations of various short and long button presses, different apps or functions can be called up.

A useful add-on attachment that makes it convenient and quick to access different functions on Android phones using the earphone jack.

More info on ‘Pressy’ at its Kickstarter page.