Here’s a first look at the upcoming Nokia 8800 Arte (Sapphire Edition), a phone designed to capture the timeless essence of beauty and fine craftsmanship.

Nokia 8800 Arte (Sapphire Edition)

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Features of the 8800 Arte include 3G capabilities, a 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera, an OLED display and 1GB worth of phone memory. When the phone is turned over with its screen facing down-side, a unique silencing function of the phone will be activated.

A useful feature of the phone is the function that allows you to add multimedia to a text message on the fly which automatically changes the format of the message from SMS to MMS without having to choose the MMS function beforehand; this feature can also be found in newer Nokia models.

The main difference between the original Arte version and the Sapphire edition is that the Sapphire edition has the select key of the phone made from Sapphire stone; and both models are made from higher grade materials such as stainless steel and glass.

An anti-fingerprint coating is also applied on the phone’s surfaces for the reduction of fingerprint smudges. In addition, you will not find any unsightly outer seams as all connections are made via the all-in-one microUSB connector.

Visit the official Nokia 8800 Arte product page for more information.

Video preview of the 8800 Arte by PhoneScoop after the jump.

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