You’re at a party. Your arch rival married to an uber-rich oil tycoon is showing off her latest designer bags again. With a glamourous and over-exaggerated motion you whip out your handphone and decide to show the party-goers pictures of your latest vacation to Egypt. Too bad there’s only enough room to squeeze three heads into the viewing area of your handphone’s screen.

Your worst fears could be over if you have the device below to show off your wonderful escapades with as many people as you want, wooing the limelight back to yourself.

Projection Mobile Phone

More about this device and the technology behind it after the jump.

The projector mobile phone designed by Stefano Casanova allows you to wow partygoers by projecting your mobile desktop on a screen. It works by placing a micro-LCD projector at the mid-section tip of the flip-phone. When the screen is in the upright position, it projects onto the screen of the device. Flip it down and it projects to a screen further out.

This particular design is entirely conceptual at this moment. However projection technology in mobile devices is already picking up. As reported by Engadget last month, Texas Instruments has already come up with working prototype for such a device.

Texas Cellphone Projector

Besides Texas Instruments, companies like Light Blue Optics and Digislide are also developing similar miniature projection technologies. Therefore showing off the screen of devices to your friends will soon be a thing of the past. You simply need to point and project to show-off like never before.