Logo - rssHugger

rssHugger, a new platform that brings blog publishers and readers together was launched a few days ago. In a nutshell, the site allows publishers to promote their content to readers and allows readers to retrieve the latest content via its website.

For Publishers:

  • Bring in lots of traffic by promoting your blog feed.
  • Build up your site’s back links for page rank optimisation.
  • Attract new readers to your blog for your niche.

For Readers:

  • Search for blogs that suit your interests.
  • Find blogs quickly and easily via the easy-to-use interface.
  • Breeze through tons of random blogs for quick reads.
  • Retrieve the latest content from your subscribed blogs.

Currently, blog registration is free if you write an honest review of the site instead of the $10 registration fee initially. The first 250,000 blogs who write a review for rssHugger will get a permanent page on the site. However, you can choose to get one without reviewing at a price of a one-time payment of $20.

So hurry on to rssHugger to register your blog today!