Can’t afford a real PSP to play with on your daily commute? Here’s a PSP clone (pictured on the left) that looks almost like the real thing. The tradeoff for purchasing this $48.80 system is that you just get to play old-school NES games.

psp clone 1

psp clone 2

psp clone 3

The console comes pre-installed with 5 built-in games and a 112 games-in-1 sort of cartridge that can be inserted into the system for more NES goodness.

This could be pretty fun for retro gamers who would love to play some of these classic games on the go, a huge contrast compared to the days when you can’t pretty much go anywhere with a huge CRT monitor and a bulky game console system.

That aside, the cheap system would most probably be suitable for hackers too. Maybe it can be modified into a useful tool whilst utilising the existing hardware.