pulke herb infuser 1

Herbs that go into stocks and sauces are essential for adding flavor, but there can also be some undesirable parts like inedible stalks and shells that can be left over after they have served their purpose.

pulke herb infuser 2

pulke herb infuser 3

Here’s one herb infuser that is made for such a purpose. It allows one to put herbs into a liquid to flavor it while containing the herbs within itself. When the flavor has been imparted to the stock or sauce, they do not need to be painstakingly removed one by one. All you need is to pick up the herb infuser from the parts, leaving a smooth stock in the pot without lingering bits of inedible stuff floating around.

In addition to its purpose, the chicken drumstick shape it comes in will also add a touch of fun and vibrancy to the kitchen even when in storage.

The Pulke herb infuser retails for $15.99 from Animi Causa.