puretek screen protector roll-on kit 1

Many can find it a total hassle and difficult to apply a screen protector on the screen of a smartphone like the iPhone, but here’s one helpful screen protector kit that lets you apply the screen protector easily and without any mistakes such as alignment problems which means a wastage of screen protectors for reapplication.

puretek screen protector roll-on kit 2

puretek screen protector roll-on kit 3

The PureTek screen protector kit comes with a roller, the screen protector and a placeholder where you can place an iPhone 4S on it. The magic begins when the roller is in place and guided by the corner of the packaging as it is rolled across the screen of the iPhone. In just one quick and fluid motion, the screen protector will be aligned perfectly and applied easily on the iPhone’s screen.

puretek screen protector roll-on kit 4

Watch the video of the PureTek Screen Protector Roll-On kit in action below:



One helpful screen protector application kit that will surely eliminate all headaches when it comes to applying screen protecting film on the iPhone. The PureTek Roll-On screen shield kit is compatible with the iPhone 4 and 4S models and retails for $20 from Pure Gear.