putter golf mug 1

Having just a cuppa during break time is often a norm for many of us, but here’s one extra thing that can be done at break time on top of enjoying a nice beverage, and that’s playing a mini game of golf with this putter golf mug.

putter golf mug 2

The Putter golf mug is a mug that holds beverages for drinking, not only does it let you have a nice drink during breaks, it also comes with a small putting hole at the bottom of the mug. With the mini golf ball and a putter club included, you can practice your tabletop golf skills using the set. Set up obstacles with stuff around to create your own course.

The golf putter that comes with the mug isn’t only for playing as it is also a pen, unscrew the putting tip and you get a pen for writing notes and for keeping score.

Even if the mug isn’t going to be used for drinking coffee or tea, it can still be used as a desktop organizer for holding stationery.

A multipurpose mug that is not only useful but brings along just that bit of fun.

The Putter golf mug retails for $10.07 from Amazon.