puzzle farmland alarm clock

Ordinary alarm clocks are well, just ordinary. This puzzle farmland alarm clock is anything but an ordinary alarm clock though, for it requires a little bit of brain work in order for its snoozing owner to shut it off.

The way for which the alarm clock works is that at the pre-set time, the alarm clock will sound off with a random animal call, either the ‘cluck’ of a chicken, a ‘baa’ from a sheep or a ‘moo’ from a cow.

If the user wants to shut the alarm off, the user has to the solve the puzzle by picking up the correct animal corresponding to the sound of the alarm and insert it into the slot to deactivate it.

Sounds pretty interesting for a creative gadget like this alarm clock. Getting a person to solve a puzzle at the moment of waking up might just provide that extra perk to start off the day. However if one gets tired of the early morning brain teaser, it allows for a change of mode of the alarm clock so it’ll work with any animal inserted. £14.99, Firebox.