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Most people who have tried Japanese takoyaki or octopus balls usually fall in love with the taste of the balls that come with a rich seafood flavor accentuated with a tangy sauce. They are not easy to make at home so people usually buy them outside whenever they come across a shop or food stall selling these tasty delights.

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Here’s a quick way to make takoyaki using nothing more than a microwave and this takoyaki mold. By quick we mean 3 minutes of cooking and you get to savor homemade takoyaki. There are other ways such as using a takoyaki pan over the stove or getting an electric takoyaki maker for the real authentic taste, but using the microwave can be quite convenient considering the cooking time saved.

All that is needed is boiled seafood pieces and using either a takoyaki premix or a batter made from scratch, simply put the stuff in the takoyaki mold and cook the octopus balls in the microwave for three minutes. Top it with some takoyaki sauce and mayonnaise and you’re done.

If you have a toaster oven, you can also remove the balls from the mold a little earlier after their shape have formed, brush them over with a bit of oil and place them in the toaster oven for a minute to create a crispy crust which cannot be achieved using the microwave alone.

Besides using the microwavable takoyaki mold for making Japanese octopus balls, the other side of the mold can also be used for making okonomiyaki, yet another Japanese delicacy.

Certainly an ultra quick way to satisfy that takoyaki craving right in your own home.

The 3-minute microwave takoyaki maker retails for $8.50 from J-List.

Also available is the takoyaki premix suitable for making both takoyaki and okonomiyaki selling for $3.50 a pack.