r2-d2 car usb charger 1

R2-D2 is known to be an excellent co-pilot in the Star Wars movies, even when it isn’t a human being. Here’s one R2-D2 that sits in the car, but won’t really help you to drive, but will help you charge your mobile gadgets.

r2-d2 car usb charger 2

Having a plain-looking USB charger will still do the job of charging your mobile gadgets just fine, but when it’s time to get a cool-looking one, this R2-D2 USB charger will definitely fit the bill.

It comes with 2 USB outlets, where each outlet is able to pump out a maximum current of 2.1A, which is sufficient for most USB gadgets including tablets.

When power is connected, R2-D2 tells you that it is ready to charge gadgets by rotating his its dome and produces its signature whistles and beeps. It also comes with LED indication lights that displays the current status of the USB ports.

Watch the video of the R2-D2 Car USB charger in action below:



A cool in-car USB charger that will be perfect for R2-D2 and Star Wars fans.

The R2-D2 car USB charger retails for $49.99 from ThinkGeek.