r2-d2 projection virtual keyboard 1

Here’s a keyboard that comes in the shape of R2-D2 from Star Wars, however it doesn’t  look like a keyboard at all.

r2-d2 projection virtual keyboard 2

r2-d2 projection virtual keyboard 3

This is an infrared keyboard that projects a virtual keyboard on a flat surface. From R2-D2 the outlines of the keys of a keyboard that appears on the surface can be pressed to work like a real physical keyboard.

Built into the R2-D2 virtual keyboard is the sensor that detects key presses on the virtual keyboard, so it can work with a computer or tablet with Bluetooth connectivity.

Watch the video of the R2-D2 infrared keyboard in action below.



One cool virtual keyboard perfect for Star Wars and R2-D2 fans.

The R2-D2 infrared virtual keyboard projector retails for 33,480 yen from Runatown.