r2-d2 metal bottle opener 1

The cute robot R2-D2 from Star Wars is known to be a smart sidekick that is equipped with many useful gadgets to help the characters who get into different kinds of trouble in the series. Here’s one R2-D2 shaped bottle-opener that will be useful for one of those tasks, and that’s opening bottled drinks.

r2-d2 metal bottle opener 2

This R2-D2 bottle opener is made from solid metal featuring the detailed front face of the robot. On the back is a pair of magnets which will let it stick to a metallic surface like a fridge door. To use the bottle opener, flip R2-D2 upside down and wedge the edge of the bottle cap between its body and legs to pop the cap off the bottle.

A handy tool which also doubles up as a fridge magnet for decoration which will be perfect for R2-D2 and Star Wars fans.

The metal R2-D2 bottle opener retails for $17.99 from Vat-19.