star wars r2-d2 peppermill 1

Need some ground pepper for flavoring your food? Let R2-D2, the ultra helpful and smart droid from Star Wars provide you with freshly ground pepper, Star Wars style. This peppermill cum holder stores peppercorns within R2-D2’s body and dispenses it as and when you need.

star wars r2-d2 peppermill 2

star wars r2-d2 peppermill 3

When fresh ground pepper is needed, simply turn R2-D2’s head and give it a spin and freshly ground pepper will be dispensed from the bottom. Definitely one cool kitchen tool for a Star Wars fan for use with food and also a great to go with other Star Wars themed stuff like R2-D2 soy sauce dispensing bottles and such.

Besides grinding peppercorns, the R2-D2 peppermill will be suitable for use as a salt grinder as well.

The R2-D2 container cum peppermill retails for $17.10 from Amazon.