r2-d2 star wars projection alarm clock 1

Waking up in the morning isn’t really a walk in the park for some of us, but there are many ways to lessen the pain of breaking our sleep. In this case, this R2-D2 projection alarm clock  is here to help.

r2-d2 star wars projection alarm clock 2

The main feature of the R2-D2 clock is its ability to project the time on a surface like a wall. This makes it a tad easier to view the projected time compared to trying to squint your sleepy eyes at a tiny LCD display on a typical alarm clock. In addition, it will not be the annoying alarm that wakes you up when it goes off but instead the familiar sounds of the R2-D2 that will try its best to wake you up.

A cool Star Wars themed gadget fit for the Star Wars fan.

The R2-D2 projection alarm clock retails for $36.35 from Amazon.