r2-d2 shampoo dispenser bottle 1

Before a brave Jedi gets out to defend the universe, they should absolutely look the best. Not taking a shower is definitely out of the question. When one needs to take a shower. R2-D2 is here to help. Not R2-D2 the android though, but a shampoo or shower foam dispenser bottle that looks like R2-D2.

r2-d2 shampoo dispenser bottle 2

r2-d2 shampoo dispenser bottle 3

Having a shower with the actual R2-D2 bot sounds weird, but using this Star Wars themed shampoo dispenser while in the shower will be perfect for Star Wars fans and geeks.

Besides being functional and able to hold anything from shampoo, hand lotion to shower foam, the dispenser bottle will also make a bathroom look just a little more galactic.

The R2-D2 shampoo dispenser bottle retails for $22.25 from Amazon.