r2-d2 talking coin bank

Here’s one coin bank that is made to make saving loose change fun, a coin bank that is made to look like R2-D2 from Star Wars.

The R2-D2 coin bank is not just a simple coin bank, but one that ‘talks’. By that, we mean the signature beeps and whistles that R2-D2 produces when it is trying to communicate with other living species and droids.

Every time you put a coin into the coin bank, it’ll produce sounds to notify that it acknowledges your good action. This makes it a little more fun to know that R2-D2 is accompanying you on your journey to save up loose change either for a rainy day or for buying something that you want.

A nice coin bank that is good as a decorative item and a collection piece for R2-D2 and Star Wars fans.

The R2-D2 talking coin bank retails for $21.38 from Amazon.