r2-d2 trolley suitcase 1

Here’s one suitcase that looks just like the sort of thing a Star Wars fan should own, an R2-D2 luggage suitcase. It comes with the look of the clever and adorable android from the series, which is bound to make any Star Wars fan squirm with envy.

r2-d2 trolley suitcase 2

r2-d2 trolley suitcase 3

The R2-D2 suitcase is a functional trolley suitcase, it comes with the standard handles and rollers that allow it to be lugged around for traveling. Though it doesn’t have a smart AI system that makes it function like the real one, it will still do a nice job of assisting you in carrying your travel belongings around during trips and vacation.

Best of all, it is the easiest one to spot, so you or the kids will have no problem keeping an eye on it in the airport and there’ll be no problem finding a willing one to help pull this suitcase around.

The R2-D2 trolley suitcase retails for 95€ from Salvador Bachiller.