The light bulb is an invention of Thomas Alva Edison, which is one of the greatest contribution to the modern world. We commonly see this item all the time bearing a spherical-cone shape, however a concept design by Korean designer Joonhuyn Kim could change the shape of light bulbs forever.

flat bulb 1

flat bulb 2

In a nutshell, the reason why light bulbs were made spherical in shape as it was the best shape to contain pressurized gases needed to make the light bulb work safely without exploding.

This interesting design that flattens the light bulb actually does have some advantages too, if the issue of the safety of the pressurized gas within the bulb can be overcomed. Firstly it allows bulbs to be stacked and saves space in storage and the other more obvious advantage is that the bulbs do not roll off the table!

This is actually a pretty cool idea, but what I think will make this idea even better would be replacing the energy sapping filament within the bulb for an LED light.