radio controlled swimming pool snack float

Using a float to place snacks and refreshing beverages for swimmers is one cool idea for pool parties. What can possibly top this idea? A wireless radio controlled snack float like this of course.

This cool floating server plate that floats on water comes with a motor that allows it to travel on water for serving snacks to your guests without them having to swim to the edge to collect for themselves. With a wireless radio transmitter in hand, the float is able to deliver snacks and drinks to anyone at anywhere within the pool.

The motorized radio-controlled snack float is powered by a 9-volt and 6 D cell batteries. Probably good enough for a calm swimming pool and not one full of swimmers thrashing around. Available from HomeWetBar for $54.99.

Certainly a cool gadget made for pool parties in summer. Even without stuff on it, it can still be played like a RC toy boat and have it whiz around the pool endlessly in the name of fun.