rc gyro ufo helicopter with shield 1

For a novice, it can be hard to control an RC copter to fly. In a bad case scenario, it may even cause a good RC flying toy to sustain damage to its blades when it falls, rendering it unable to fly the next time around. here’s one RC Gyro UFO that comes with its own protective shield so it’ll be able to take more than just light bumps and knocks if it falls from a height.

rc gyro ufo helicopter with shield 2

The Gyro UFO is a remote controlled toy that comes with a protective sphere built around it. It is able to take off and hover even with the shield is in place, therefore they act as a protection for the spinning blades which are often most vulnerable to damage when an RC helicopter knocks into an object or fall to the ground. With this shield around the UFO toy, even a novice can fly this with ease knowing that it will be protected if it ever drops from the sky.

Charging comes in the form of USB power for the flyer where it comes with a rechargeable battery within.

A simply yet fun-looking toy that can offer the joy of flying a hovering RC helicopter even for novices.

The RC Gyro UFO helicopter toy with protective shield retails for $36.90 from Brando Toys.