sugoi mop radio control mop cleaner

Time to clean the floor again? Here’s an interesting way to clean the floor without having to actually do it manually, by using this radio control mop.

The radio control mop basically is a mop on wheels, and the way to use it is to control it just like a radio controlled toy car with a controller that looks like a game pad. Where there’s dirt on the floor that need to be swept away, simply switch on the radio controlled mop and have it do all the dirty work.

Compared to a Roomba, this radio control mop, with a human operator will be able to go straight to the job without the need of covering all the unneeded spots. One fun way to get the kids to willingly fight over doing the chore of cleaning the floor.

Watch the video of the RC Mop called Sugoi Mop in action below:



The RC mop retails for $30 from Japan Trend Shop.