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Need to drink a few more sips of your coffee but discovered that it has gone cold? Without needing to fetch a fresh new cup or to heat the entire cup of coffee back to the right temperature using the microwave, this portable coffee reheating wand will do it quickly.

re-warming-coffee-reheater-stick 2

This coffee heating gadget concept called “Re-Warming” by designer Hyewon Lee is a wand-like coffee heater that heats coffee by the mug. The set comes in two pieces, one being the base station where it draws power from and the actual stick that can removed from the docking station and placed into a cup of coffee to warm it up.

It comes in a portable size that allows it to sit conveniently on the desk or anywhere you have your cup of coffee during the day while going through the morning paper or unread e-mails.

With this clever beverage reheating wand, one will always get to drink their favorite hot beverage at the right temperature and not have to throw away coffee that has turned cold.

One creative gadget concept that most coffee lovers will surely want to see be made into a real electronic product.