reactor iphone hand crank external battery casing 1

Here’s one external battery case for the iPhone that comes with an additional way to juice up besides taking power off the grid, one that comes with a hand crank that lets you recharge the external battery use hand power.

reactor iphone hand crank external battery casing 2

The Reactor from Gridcase is a hand crank external battery that works just like a typical one does, which is to provide additional battery power on top of the one available in the iPhone. However, with a hand crank, it can be recharged in emergency situations where there are no electrical outlets available. However it still takes quite a bit of cranking to get a decent amount of talk-time; 5 minutes of cranking will get you about one minute’s worth of talking time on mobile phone.

Not only does it provide protection as a casing, it also provides power, and is able to be recharged using pure clean energy, which is an interesting option for eco-minded folks who own an iPhone.

More information on the Reactor hand-crank iPhone external battery casing at Crowd Supply.