real concrete salt and pepper shakers

Salt and pepper shakers aren’t really unusual, and the materials the containers come in are mostly made of wood, plastic and glass. However here’s a set of salt and pepper shakers that have containers made of concrete.

These salt and pepper shakers, like their more modestly made counterparts, will let one fill it up with salt and pepper, or other condiments for sprinkling on ingredients in recipes and directly on food. Since they’re made of concrete sourced from recycled granite and marble countertops, they’ll never be flimsy to use and much more durable.

Apart from the durability, the simplistic look gives it a very rustic feel therefore adding a vintage old-fashioned look to the theme of a kitchen or a dining room.

A set of salt and pepper shakers that not only look unique but also good for giving arm muscles a quick workout.

The concrete salt and pepper shakers retail for $64 per set from Uncommon Goods.