real life 3rd person camera view

Most action games today allow the gamer to view their avatar in 3rd person view as opposed to the much favored 1st person view by hardcore FPS gamers. In most games, switching from third-person to first-person view is as simple as hitting a button, however it is impossible to change to third-person view in real life.

Not so fast, it is actually possible to view yourself in first-person view just that it isn’t that simple. For this guy, it took him a digital camera setup on a rig that he carried on his back to achieve such a feat. He actually made it possible to view himself in a gamer’s point of view in real life!

This real-life 3rd person view camera rig cost BigRedRocket just $60 to make and uses a PVC frame, digital camera, radio transmitter and a laptop for its parts. Even if it was made just for fun, the 3rd person view system is already awesome on its own.

There are certainly some useful applications that can be derived from this 3rd person camera view system, such as providing wearers with a higher sense of awareness or simply for making cool movies with it; though it looks like it will take quite a bit of training to get used to it initially.

Watch the 3rd person view camera rig in action: