byd remote control vehicle car 1

Here’s one car that’ll surely end the nightmares for drivers who are simply not good at parking. A car that comes with a great capability, and that’s the ability to be remotely controlled without anyone in the driver’s seat.

byd remote control vehicle car 2


This is the remote controlled car from automobile manufacturer BYD Auto from China. Using a palm-sized remote controlled, the car can be controlled to move even when the driver is away from the car. This allows the car to be moved around just like a remote control car, useful for tasks like parking or loading and unloading items.

byd remote control vehicle car 3

The remote control’s functions include locking and unlocking the car doors and starting the ignition of the vehicle. As for the control for the car’s movement, the controls on the directional pad allows for moving the car forward and back, and the left and right keys for turning the steering wheel. Pretty much the controls for a car just like in a video game.

Watch the video of BYD’s remote-control car in action below:



The thing is that, it looks just like a dream, but for one it can seem quite dangerous at the thought of a moving car with no one in the driver’s seat. Fortunately, in remote-control mode, the car is only able to move at a maximum speed of 2 km/h. Good enough for parking, probably not fast enough to cause serious damage or injury.

Surely this should be a standard feature for every car in the future.