real-life cut the rope game 1

Many of us have may seen and played this game on a mobile device. The game called Cut The Rope, a game where you cut ropes to collect stars and get the candy into the monster’s mouth. This is a game that is based on the mobile game, where the objective is to collect stars and break bubbles in the game.

real-life cut the rope game 2

real-life cut the rope game 3

This real-life Cut The Rope game is slightly different from the game, but contains the main elements such as collecting stars, cutting rope, breaking bubbles in order to guide the candy to the monster’s mouth. According to the mission, the area has to be set up and then the players are able to play the game using the spring loaded candy to score points around the playing area.

A cool real-life version of the Cut The Rope game, that contains toy pieces that look just like the characters and objects from the mobile game.

The real-life Cut-The-Rope game retails for $5.99 from Amazon.