real-life light-up minecraft redstone ore 1

Redstone is one of the minerals in Minecraft that can be mined for producing relay systems and circuits. Here’s one Redstone ore that has come out of the screen and into our world, and best part of it is that it lights up on command.

real-life light-up minecraft redstone ore 2

This is a light-up redstone ore made to look like the one in Minecraft. In the game one would use a pickaxe to break it apart to gather the minerals. Obviously this one can’t be mined or hacked apart using tools, but at the tap of a finger, it lights up to provide a spot of red illumination for a desk.

It comes with three modes of lighting, low, medium and high brightness levels that makes it suitable for many desktops and workspaces while its owner is working or hacking around at rocks and the landscape in Minecraft.

Aside from its decorative purposes, when left on at night it can be usedl as a night light too. A cool desktop decoration especially for Minecraft fans.

The light-Up Minecraft redstone ore desktop companion retails for $24.99 from ThinkGeek.