real life mario kart video

This is a version of real life Mario Kart from freddiew on Youtube. Just like Remi Gaillard’s famous Mario Kart videos, this real life Mario Kart video also makes use of real go-carts in the filming, hence its title.

Unlike Remi’s videos, this one uses overlays and graphics to make it look like just the game itself. The cool part has to be the usage of the power-ups and the funny respawn scene of an eliminated go-cart from an earlier accident.

While Remi Gaillard goes for a more candid and bold route such as driving around unsuspecting drivers and even into supermarkets, this version of Mario Kart was filmed in a much more controlled environment and beefs it up with a slew of cool post production antics; so it’s all up to you to decide which Mario Kart video is your favorite.

Watch the Real-Life Mario Kart video below: