real-life minecraft torch room lamp 1

The torch in the game of Minecraft not only lights up an area of the map, but also stops mobs from spawning in the bright light. Here’s one torch, not an in-game torch, but one that has come to life in our world ready to brighten things up.

real-life minecraft torch room lamp 2

This real-life Minecraft torch is made to look just like the one from Minecraft. Just like in the game, the torch lets you attach it to the wall and use it as illumination for a room right in your home. A nice touch is that it attaches at an angle from the wall, which is exactly the way it looks, and will hopefully help to repel stuff that may lurk in the dark.

Unlike its in-game counterpart, this plastic Minecraft torch does not need to be crafted in any way before it is used. However it does need 3 AAA as its source of power to run.

A very cool lamp that looks just like the light-up torch in the game. Perfect for fans of Minecraft.

The real-life Minecraft torch retails for $34.99 from ThinkGeek.