real life minecraft toy set 1

Tired of having Minecraft crash on you while you’re building that awesome one-of-a-kind structure? Here’s one version of Minecraft that’ll never crash on you, ever! This is a real-life Minecraft toy set made by Jeffrey Kam and Cody McCabe using printed paper cubes that look just the like in-game blocks.

real life minecraft room

real life minecraft toy set 2

real life minecraft toy set 3

real life minecraft toy set 4

The cubes are printed to the same 16×16 pixels just like in the Minecraft game and it comes with this playing table that lets one stack the blocks in whatever way they want to create different terrain and structures. Though there isn’t any real mining and crafting involved, the duo still made sure they added some cool tools and weapons like diamond axes and swords for added realism.

However, as the blocks actually do not stick to each other like Minecraft game physics, the only way to play with these real-life Minecraft blocks is to stack them on top of one another. I reckon the experience is still fun as hell, especially when you’re actually playing with real-life Minecraft blocks in a Minecraft themed room.