real life radio controlled minecraft creeper

Here’s an interesting way to fend off intruders by scaring the hell out of them. That is if they even know a game called Minecraft. This home-made creation brings the Creeper from the popular game Minecraft into real life as one that can move on its own and stalk its prey.

Made by Chris of The New Hobbyist, this radio-controlled Creeper on wheels was made out of cardboard boxes for its shell and connected to an RC toy car for movement. But that’s not all, it even comes with a motion detection sensor system built into it and speakers to play the scary sound effects of the Creeper.

When everything has been put together this Creeper bot is able to detect motion and will move towards its target thereafter just like a creeper would in Minecraft. Thankfully only the sound effects follow straight after it has reached the intended spot so one will probably just get a fright out of it.

Watch the video of real life radio-controller Minecraft creeper in action:



I can say that’s a pretty nice build from an idea that started out as a substitute for a pet dog for home security.