simpsons duff energy drink

This Duff branded canned drink does not contain the Duff adult beverage from The Simpsons but it’s actually a real-life energy drink made to look just like it, logo and all. Instead of making one feel a little relaxed and hitting the verge of stupidity like Homer and Barney, this Simpsons Duff energy drink will make one feel more alert, which is the natural effect from energy drinks.

The Simpsons Duff energy drink can be bought for $2.79 each on Amazon.

If the Duff energy drink sounds a little too weak, there is one alternative known as the Flaming Moe energy drink that contains no alcohol as well. Simpsons fans will know exactly what it is, which is a fiery cocktail that Moe concocted in an episode back in the early seasons of the cartoon.

simpsons flaming moe energy drink

The Simpsons Flaming Moe energy drink goes for $4.94 per can on Amazon.

Perfect as gifts for family and friends who are Simpsons fans and also good for a tasty perk on days when you simply feel your energy sapping away.