super mario question mark coin box 1

Everyone who has ever played Super Mario will know what to do when they come across a box with a question mark in Super Mario games. Just have Mario punch the bottom of the box and and if it happens to be a coin box, a coin pops out of the box.

This is one real life Super Mario question mark coin box made to work just like in the game. When the box senses a fist from below, out pops a coin from the top of the box. But that’s not all, it even comes with the all too familiar coin sound effect when it gets hit from below.

super mario question mark coin box 2super mario question mark coin box 3

What is involved in the mechanics of this coin box is a cleverly designed spring, lever and servo system to launch coins from a pre-installed stack of coins into the air. An MP3 player has also been soldered and wired to the system to achieve a nice audible effect exactly like the Super Mario games.

The maker of this Mario coin block brunoip has generously shared how to make this awesome question mark coin box on Instructables, though it seems that it’ll take quite a bit of skill to get the entire thing up and running.

As for now, just enjoy the video below of the real life Super Mario Coin Box in action:



Wouldn’t it be great if Super Mario coin boxes existed in our world? No more searching for spare change that’s for sure.