real-life tf2 sentry gun 1

One of the coolest things to see are stuff that are built from imaginary stuff, like things from video games and books. This is a TF2 sentry gun model made by WETA Workshop from New Zealand. I must say this cool level one sentry gun is one hell of an amazing model together with the impeccable details that can be found on it.

real-life tf2 sentry gun close up

But that’s not all, unlike other static models, this real-life TF2 sentry gun model can track movements, light up and emit sounds the exact way it does in Team Fortress 2; everything except containing ammo, shooting at aggressors and leveling up to a level 3 sentry, that is.

Watch the real life TF2 sentry gun model in action:



Wow, I bet every TF2 gamer will surely want to own one like this, including myself. The thing is, this one has already found its home at Valve’s headquarters, and not in someone’s home. Oh well.