real life transformers car cosplay real life transformers car cosplay vehicle mode

Not many can boast about having a Transformers car costume for cosplay but this guy does. Not only that but he is able to transform himself into a moving car in seconds just like the actual ones in the cartoons and movies!

Though in his car costume he is probably not street legal but this is definitely worthy of a couple more extra looks. What he is actually looking for is a tip which is graciously requested on the license plate of his Transformers car costume.



The wheel axle which he holds in his two hands is basically the car’s primary driving force in the vehicle mode. A rather creative idea to keep the mechanics simple but still able to get the message across.

“I’m a Transformers robot!” is the clear message here. Unfortunately the costume doesn’t look anywhere close to the big red truck we are familiar with, but it’s probably the Nissan GT-R version of Optimus Prime.