salad memo notes pack 1

Eating salad is a good way of keeping our bodies healthy. Here’s a pack of salad that isn’t edible, but is actually made of paper.

salad memo notes pack 2

salad memo notes pack 3

This at the first glance may look like a pack of ready-to-eat salad, but upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that it isn’t food at all, but pieces of paper that are shaped and printed to look like fruits and vegetables.

Just like a salad set, this pack comes with items like lettuce, a slice of tomato, and cheese, but they are in fact individual pieces of memo notes. Instead of picking them up for eating, they are to be used for writing down memos, reminders, and notes.

Not only does it serve as an interesting alternative to the traditional memo note pad, it will also help to remind one to stay healthy and eat more salads at the same time.

The salad memo notes retail for $3 from Connect Design.