What are the basics needed to create a playable video game? You need input to receive the player’s controls, an output to show the current state of the player’s game, processing hardware and a whole lot of brain cells to get them to work together perfectly.

With a videogame console joypad for input, a laptop bearing the hardware and software to process the game and a thermal receipt printer and a projector as the output, a unique-looking action videogame is born.

This DIY videogame called Receipt Racer may look like a simple game, but the only reason it looks so cool is that it isn’t played off a TV or computer monitor, but on a single roll of paper that is being continuously printed in real time to display a perpetual race course bearing random obstacles.

The fixed and movable icons like the player’s racecar and scores are then projected along the race course where the player has the ability to move the vehicle left and right to avoid the obstacles.

Watch the video of the Receipt Racer in action:



Unfortunately, the game ends when the player hits an obstacle or when the printer runs out of paper.

Certainly not a very appealing game for the environmentally conscious. Well, let’s just hope the spent paper gets recycled or get put into good use when they’re done with it.