recycled mac ibook clock

Here’s a snazzy-looking clock that made from the parts of an old Mac iBook. Similar to the idea of the recycled Power Mac clock seen here recently, clock parts were put into the bottom half of a presumably non-functional Mac iBook which contains the portion with the keyboard.

This recycled Mac iBook keyboard clock makes full use of the iBook’s existing design so instead of the entire iBook heading for the dumpster, part of it gets turned into a useful time-telling piece of decoration either for a home or office.

The pendulum made with the a Mac mouse also makes a very nice touch. Unlike the Power Mac version, this clock actually has a working pendulum movement built in it so one will be able to gaze dreamily at the hypnotic white computer mouse pendulum that swings from left to right and back again.

The recycled Mac iBook Keyboard Clock is available on Etsy for $79.