Here’s an interesting idea to recycle an old Nintendo GameCube by turning it into a desktop organizer! The old GameCube video gaming console was emptied out leaving only the outer case.

This left two usable compartments where the top portion formally the optical drive with lid and the front part containing the controller jacks with a drawer built inside. Perfect for anything from jewelry to stationery, especially for female gamers.

But that’s not all, the top portion that used to contain the power and reset buttons have been drilled down to allow pens to sit within and on the left is a magnetized portion that holds paperclips in place. Still, the maker of the modified GameCube desktop organizers has also managed to make use of the handle at the back that can be used as a mini shelf for placing mobile phones or other gadgets. Certainly a nice way to turn an old video game console into a useful storage solution piece.

The recycled GameCube desktop organizer is available in various colors at $39 each on Etsy.