You could have imagined this scenario before — You plug in your headphones with a short length wire to the audio jack of your music device. Halfway into your playlist, a human or animal entity decides to come between you and your treasured laptop or hifi system, either treating it as a 100-metre race ending tape or a high-jump pole. What’s next? Murphy’s law has already predicted that you will need to replace your audio jack or worse, the entire system. The breakaway audio jack designed by Replug could be the answer to your worst fears.

Replug Breakaway Audio Cable

The Replug breakaway jack is designed much like a lizard’s tail that it breaks off as an act of sacrifice to protect the more expensive device at the end of the cable. After the accidental break, it can be reconnected back to normal as the points are ingeniously held together by magnetism.

From the image above, it can be seen that the breakaway will work fine when the angle of the pulling force is between 90 to 180 degrees, which bends the cable. I reckon that if you tug the cable in the same direction of the jack of a lighter device, it will be dragged along as well (Try it with a magnet and you’ll understand). Therefore I think would make more sense to use this to protect the heavyweights such as laptops and hifi systems rather than an iPod shuffle for example.

replug via Engadget