8-bit donkey kong retro gaming mousepad

Almost all computer mice today work without a mousepad, but if you prefer to have just a bit more control over the control of your mouse rather than having it slide out of control on an overly smooth surface a mousepad is still a good option.

Apart from getting a normal blank mousepad, there are many available with patterns on them. For a retro gaming fan, there is nothing better than one that reflects the good old days of spending their them on classic 8-bit games. This is one mousepad that comes with an image of the classic Donkey Kong stage printed right on it.

Besides giving you better control of your mice and helping to reduce the wear on the mouse-feet, the mousepad will probably make one dream of jumping and climbing around as Mario in the stages of Donkey Kong all over again.

The Retro 8-Bit Donkey Kong mousepad from 8BitMemory goes for $11.99 on Etsy.

Also available is a wide range of many retro-gaming themed mousepads of well-known classic games such as Castlevania, Legend of Zelda and Kirby’s Adventure available over at 8BitMemory’s Etsy page.

8-bit castlevania retro gaming mousepad

8-bit legend of zelda retro gaming mousepad

8-bit kirby's adventure retro gaming mousepad

A bunch of cool mousepads that will be suitable for a retro gamer’s desktop.